Joart L'eau Kabeya

Joart L'eau Kabeya (Jonathan Kabeya family names), African Contemporary Visual Artist (painter, drawer,) born in Lubumbashi City, 13/08/1998 DR.Congo. After getting his secondary Art diploma in 2017 at Kiwele Fine Art institute in Lubumbashi city  (Congo), it was in 2018 that he started professionally speaking his Art career.

Painting and Art is a great passion for him, a madness, his whole life.
He has always drawn and it gives him a lot of pleasure. As a very sensitive person, creating emotions through his paintings are his motivation.

He loves creativity and paints as it sings to him or comes into his mind because he first finds peace and joy in it. My form painting's  technique is revolutionary and unique, by the creativity's mixture and imagination, fruit of his spirit and self-research experience which he baptized it under the name stylosukarism in his Art Studio. Stylosukarism is a technique composed with burnt sugar, plastic glue, color pens ink, using as mediums cotton swab, painting  knives on the Bristol (Manila) paper support, and Canvas which gives a stint as a background a coffee color.  In my revolutionary paintings, coffee is my favorite color and goes everywhere in each background of it, and has as the positive meaning neutrality, warmth, softness and negatively speaking is symbol of gloom, dirt, mediocrity. with the colored characters,  I’m also very focus on the respect of anatomical of human body through my hypnotic and futuristic characters, arousing his curiosity with a favorable look at themes vulnerabilities of African daily life, Econo-Social-politic speaking. Through my paintings, to be the voice of voiceless are my motivation.

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Behind the Mask

Joart L'eau Kabeya

2021, Burnt Sugar on Canvas paper
115cm/80cm, 13kg, Online Exhibit

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