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Light and Shade

 Jacob Merida
2022, Mixed Media, 18" x 24" Physical and Online Exhibit

Shifting into the Age of Aquarius...
I believe the last couple of years we have been shifting out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.  This shift has brought everything that is not based in TRUTH to the surface for us to heal - personally and socially.  
This healing/balancing process has been difficult and challenging for me.  I’ve been busy practicing, applying, unpacking, and processing and all the things I’ve learned through my yoga practice.  I now realize how out of balance my energy really was – my feminine energy so damaged and suppressed from a lifetime of self-loathing and my masculine energy overactive and twisted from a lifetime of wanting things to be different.  I‘ve been doing my best re-framing and releasing all things that no longer or never served me - that don’t align with truth and were created out of low vibrational energy - fear, ego, guilt, grief, pride, anger, heartache, envy, blame, shame, and other people’s projections.  Releasing my over attachment to form, expectations, my pain, and my inability to accept what is.  Realizing that - I am not my body – I am not my pain – I am not my history – those are just things I’ve experienced in this form to learn and expand through.

Wahe Guru  JRMerida - Jacob Merida.jpeg

Wahe Guru

 Jacob Merida
2021, Mixed Media, 16" x 20" Physical and Online Exhibit

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"I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1996. I'm currently working as a freelance artist - fine art, illustration, and design and as a kundalini yoga instructor."

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