The Color of True North - GariChitraa.jpg

The Color of True North


2022, Acrylic, 24" x 36", 1 pound, Online Exhibit

"This work depicts the spirit of Ottawa, we stand strong in extreme conditions. I finished this today when a record-breaking snowstorm brought Ottawa to a standstill - closing schools, canceling garbage and recycling collection, and disrupting air and vehicle travel. This is similar to what we have experienced during the pandemic & it is an inspiration that we bounce back as a community!"

The Yellow House - GariChitraa.jpeg

The Yellow House


2021, Acrylic, 20" x 24", 1 pound, Online Exhibit

"COVID-19 has shaken, taken, and reshaped lives everywhere. Somehow it makes us realize the importance of our home, bringing us back to our roots Home is where memories are created, the Yellow House ( a painting I created during the summer of 2021 - @garichitra artist profile). It's a reflection that our house is a constant source of joy and peace. Through this painting, the attempt is to assess possible inequalities, and well-being consequences of COVID-19, with a simple depiction of a house. 
Let's inspire each other each day, and do our bit to make the world more inclusive, joyful and community-oriented."

About the Artist

"Garima Bajpai is Ottawa Based Artist, her work is mostly in acrylic medium. She believes that succeeding in the future means bringing all of us forward through collective action."

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Phone Number: 343 996 8610

Instagram: @garichitraa