Submissions For Under Hell Are Under Review: Flaming Hot Trash

Róisín Nolan

2021, Collage on Paper, 40x60cm, Online Exhibit

"Submissions For Hell Are Under Review: Flaming Hot Trash, visually articulates the frustration I feel with the current Irish government. I emigrated in 2018 and had to return home in April 2020. During that period I focused on work that explored the disappointing relationship I have with my home country. During the pandemic, I was without queer community. I had moved from Vancouver, a progressive city where I befriended a diverse and intersectional group of queer folks, back to Dublin. A small city, suffocating, during normal times, unbreathable during lockdown.

Locked away. Dating apps. News cycles. Bad news. Bad news. Bad news. Forest fires in the Pacific North West. Ireland failing miserably at reaching our carbon emission goals.

I had been working towards making a piece 40x60 over the pandemic, however, in working towards an analog collage of that size, I had been creating triptychs. Flaming Hot Trash came off the backside of the difficulty in finding rental accommodation in Ireland during a pandemic in spite of an outcry from citizens. It was inspired by going through Tinder, swiping through every queer woman in my radius, and being met with ‘no more matches in your area’ after a very brief swiping session. It came off the back of dating men again, being met with gross misogyny and patriarchy.

Especially during the pandemic I was thinking about the interconnectivity of collective accountability for issues such as the environment, the celebration of capitalism in the Irish psyche, and how fundamentally patriarchal structures are the ruination of our country at large. 

I also just fancied the idea of throwing gross heterocapitalist ideas from the heavens into a burning pile of trash from hell. Truly, it was the mood of the pandemic for me."

About the Artist

"Róisín Nolan is an artist from Ireland who specializes in collage on paper. A satirical Dadaist influence is evidenced throughout her work."


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