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Disco to Disco

Jen Kroeger

2021, Merino wool, Angelina crystal fiber, Silk sari waste, 24.5" x 24.5" framed, 6 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

"I was inspired to create this framed small series of abstract artworks during Pride Month in 2021. I have always been an ally and I wanted a way to celebrate and share. In early June of last year, I discovered a love of using fibers as a medium to create art. Working with a rainbow array of wool, silk, sparkling Angelina and viscose fibers, I listened to music I used to dance to in clubs in the 90's on repeat, letting it move me. I used my down time during the pandemic to explore my creativity and lift my spirits in the hope of sharing my art and lifting others as well."

About the Artist

"Jen Kroeger is an artist inspired by her experiences and her coastal surroundings."

Contact for Purchase

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Email: contact@roguewavesrq.com

Phone Number: 941-363-1724

Instagram: @roguewavesrq

Website: www.roguewavesrq.com