Hanged Woman

Bravery Moon

2022, Acrylic, 12” x 36”, Physical and Online Exhibit

"During covid, we had to give up the entire life we knew. People lost businesses, thier jobs, thier loved ones, and entered into a solitary twilight zone that seemed to never end. In tarot, the hanged man traditionally means giving up, or letting go of something. During the pandemic, I left my marriage to a violent alcoholic and finally chose to be true to myself. It was a painful crossroads. I have lost many relationships by being my authentic self, yet I have never been happier or more free by choosing to do the hard thing."

FireandWater - Ashley Sewell.jpeg

Fire and Water

Bravery Moon

2021, Acrylic, 20” x 16”, Physical and Online Exhibit

"The forbidden love of fire and water. During covid, intimacy became fearful. People stopped dating or even seeing thier friends or families. There also was a rise of anger. I chose to capture two women in an intimate intense moment. The water calms the fire just as social connections and bonds calm fear and rage. Intimacy is where healing begins."


Love Your Selfie

Bravery Moon

2021, Acrylic, 16” x 20”, Physical and Online Exhibit

"During the pandemic, we all entered an intense time of solitude where we learned about the importance of self care. Some of us played video games, or journaled. Some of us started dancing or taking up a new creative outlet. We also executed elaborate selfies for our social media. I chose to paint a whimsical Mermaid man. Mermaids are symbolic of beauty and sexuality. There is dangerous power in accepting and flauting our beauty. However, this radical acceptance can only come from facing all of our shadow parts in solitude and loving ourselves.  The Merman is both comfortable in his sexuality and his queerness. The moon behind him winks."

About the Artist

"Bravery Moon is a talented artist, healer, and tarot reader. From original landscapes to fairies to portraits of the Goddess, Bravery captures moments of magic in life itself."

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Email: Braverymoon7@gmail.com

Phone Number: 7275030651

Instagram: @lilliesnnails

Website: www.spiritsandsprites.com