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Heart Coherence


2020, acrylic paint, powdered pigment, synthetic polymer, sharpie, on paper on shaped reclaimed housing insulation., 12"h. x 5"w. x 1"d, 2 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

"During the pandemic I was sequeltured in my apartment down town St. Pete.
I discovered the possibility of the mind and the heart could be brought into coherent alignment.
I found myself meditating and I trust I am being guided.
This piece "Heart Coherence" depicts the beginning of my change.
I believe there can be a shift in global consciousness. From one of instability and discord; 
to one of balance, cooperation, and enduring peace.
My form of Activism."

Lyra Becoming .jpeg

Lyra Becoming


2021, powdered pigments, synthetic polymer, gold leaf, acrylic paint, on shaped reclaimed housing insulation on canvas., 24"h. x 24"w. x 3"d., 8 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

"During the pandemic I became very introspective.
I'm picking up some form of code here.
A towering vertical pointing upward referencing a figure.
Lyra a point of dimension of origins.
Perhaps a first incarnation from spirit.
Through multiple incarnations on multiple planets.
Now human, we are the stars and the earth.
"Lyra Becoming" depicts the mystery of being human on planet earth.
And that we have guides that can help us."

About the Artist

"My name is Wasíl and I reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.I completed a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA), in studio art, in the “Arts and Consciousness” program at John F. Kennedy University, Berkley, CA."

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Phone Number: 727.239.2126

Instagram: @wasilasart