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Tyler Gillespie

I didn’t want to get political but then Florida banned bodies and books politicians hadn’t read. They banned things we can think and say. A gay man who’s taught in the same FL school for decades told me it’s just too much. I don’t know the future of Florida, but I do know the state is my home, so I made this art to stand with banned bodies and books and all the fruits who think it’s just too much.

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Tyler Gillespie is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. He's the author of the nonfiction collection The Thing about Florida: Exploring a Misunderstood State (University Press of Florida, 2021) and two books of poetry Florida Man: Poems (Red Flag Poetry, 2018) and the nature machine! (Autofocus, 2023). He currently teaches at Ringling College of Art + Design.

Artist Bio

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Tyler Gillespie

2023, Archival Text, Digital, Risograph Print

11"x17" Online & In-Person

For Sale

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