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Pussy On Fire

Mildred Bloom
2021, Mixed Media, Online Exhibit

"This is one of my closest friends, Ms. Davina. Since the pandemic, we use to enjoy the hours texting every morning, sitting in front of our mirrors, and getting dolled up. Trading makeup tips, envying wigs, accidently wearing matching outfits. I find the beauty and awe my friend creates right before she put on her wig. A handsome man, yet a stunning Queen. The title is a Drag term or expression that means work hard to excel; to be awesome or outstanding, so fabulous that your pussy catches on fire."

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Postcards in the Nude

Mildred Bloom
2021, Mixed Media, Online Exhibit

"The next Picture pays homage to the old days in the sixties, where the LGBTQ community would have no place to feel free or go. They felt like they were in prison. They would set up little hobo camps and nude beaches to feel like a community of peace and love. In the time of Covid we all have felt like we were in some kind of prison. I find comfort in my friends and my community. We seem to make a party out of everything, especially if makeup is involved."

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Mildred Bloom
2021, Mixed Media, Online Exhibit

"The last picture is Freedom. I help a lot of Transgender men feminize themself and mentor. I know they feel a weight when the come out, I know they feel a weight when they can be themselves. When we all can survive inner tragedy, we can get through the BS of the Pandemic as well. We are all human.If we cant help each other though we cant help the species or the planet."

About the Artist

"My name is Mildred Bloom. I have always been an artist. I am currently a Multimedia and fine artist that specializes in Erotic art."

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