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Overwhelmed, by and with

Sue Lynn Johnson

2021, Mixed Media, 20" x 40", 5 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

"For most of us the primary challenge of the Covid 19 shut down was isolation.  Couldn’t or wouldn’t go out. No socialization except the people we live with and I live alone so it was me and my four walls.  For many, our primary means of contact with the outer world became our devices, our mobile phones our tablets, our computers.  Like nearly everyone one else, I maintained connections with friends and family through facetime and  zoom. This reliance on electronics was a pretty much universal throughout and even after shut down ended as restrictions on movement and socialization continued for many months.  As soon as I was able I went to my studio. It was a safe place, a refuge but again, isolated from other people. During shutdown I painted one of the best portraits I have ever painted. Not hard to figure out what that implied. And I painted this work --me using my iphone. In it I used collage of the printed word and musical notes to represent how reading and streaming music comforted us during the worst of the Covid experience."

About the Artist

"Sue Johnson is a painter residing in St Petersburg, Florida.  She works in several media, acrylics, oils, and cold wax medium  Her subject matter includes the figure, still life, landscape, and, abstract/non-objective work."

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Phone Number: 3868522021

Instagram: @roguewavesrq