Behind the Mask

Joart L'eau Kabeya
2021, Burnt Sugar on Canvas paper, 115cm/80cm, 13kg, Online Exhibit

"Behind face mask, because it is our new way of life, characterized by wearing of face mask covid-19, something that isn't easy for us...
Our current life is in a fight because the health crisis continues to upset our daily rites of interaction.
Life is a fight, a hand-to-hand fight where there are no forbidden holds, a minefield. 
Each step of life has its problems to solve, its enemies to fight, and its dangers to overcome."

About the Artist

Joart L'eau Kabeya (Jonathan Kabeya family names), African Contemporary Visual Artist  (painter, drawer,) born in Lubumbashi City, 13/08/1998 DR.Congo.

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WhatsApp: 260761234859

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