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People Watched But Could Not See

Ally Zlatar
2022, Acrylic, 6" x 4", 0.1kg, Physical and Online Exhibit

"In the midst of the pandemic I was struggling with the isolation and my identity. I felt that my weight, shape and gender were incongruent with who I am. I felt a dissoance from who I wanted to be. This struggle was both internal and external. I developed a very bad eating disorder in my early teens that re-emerged when I was combatting my gender disporia. This work explores my difficulties with aligning with my body and the formation of a self that is content with who I am."

About the Artist

"Ally Zlatar is the founder of  The Starving Artist which is an artist initiative that helps broaden perspectives on Eating Disorders and Mental Illness through the artistic voice."

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Phone Number: 447710607908

Instagram: @allycardone