Alex Singer_Ode to Aphrodite_2021 - Lemon Twist.jpeg

Oath to Aphrodite

Alex Singer
2021, Oil Paint, 24''x12''x2'', Physical and Online Exhibit

"I haven’t been in the closet for many years now but I find myself reliving the feeling more often than not. Most people when they see me and know about the LGBTQIA community know I fall into one of those categories. The signs are there even if my word didn’t have a name. I painted this to remind myself that I am worthy of respect and love. Love is a feeling it’s a gift. To be able to love and be loved is Aphrodite’s gift. It is a constant reminder of weather I am “out” or not I am me and I deserve to enjoy this gift."

About the Artist

"Alex Singer is an illustrator from Tampa, Fl. His painting rely on symbolism to construct a narrative. Inspired by mythology and fairy tales his paintings have a whimsical quality."

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Phone Number: 8137677729

Instagram: @alexander.illustrates