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With Struggle Comes Strength

Brittany Freemon
2021, 3D Mixed Media, 18" x 24", 2.5 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit
"Both of my submission pieces were created during the pandemic. The piece titled “Struggle Comes Strength”, was my way of coping in the COVID pandemic. In year one, I witnessed so much indifference and demise occurring in the world, whether from, at the time, an unknown illness or at the hands of injustice. I felt like it was what we needed to start loving one another in unity. That year taught many of us, including myself, that we must remain soldiers until the war is won. This has been a time of self-reflection and realization that ”war” so to speak starts within us, as individuals, and as a nation. We are dealing with societal trauma, and it is time we begin to heal. Recognizing the scars from our past and present, we as a nation may begin working towards a golden future. My question to you, as the viewer, is "Are you ready to reach back?" 
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The Cyborg Griot_gree-ow__Quest2068

Brittany Freemon
2020, 3D Mixed Media, 12" x 12", 10 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

"The second piece titled, “The Cyborg Griot/gree-ow/:Quest2068'', was my way of expressing the meaning of community and historical honor during the COVID pandemic. We were in year two, and after gaining knowledge of myself, I thought it was time to prepare for Hope in the future for years to come. I wanted to voyage into the aesthetics of Afrofuturism by connecting past relics and harvesting celestial ancestral cultures. "HER", the character in the painting, gave historical tales as long as the Nile. She aims to connect those from the black queer diaspora with their forgotten and/or diluted history. With counsel to uplift and educate the future generations, she acts as a beacon, allowing them to follow the tides of their yesteryears to make improvements and evolve in the future."

About the Artist

"Hello, my name is Brittany Freemon I  also go by the name of “NovaFro” I'm a 28, Graphic Artist, and a Florida native."

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