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Max Wolf
2022, Photography, 12" x 18," 3 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

""Depersonal" is a visual commentary on loss of identity, permanence of loss of identity, loss of perceptive identity and loss of self with loss of memory, human social perception; the loss of a permanence which none of us truly may ascertain: “self resigns, self dissipates, self does not exist, self did not exist, has not existed, may exist one day, may be invented, assembled, honed, re-dissipated, forgotten again, …” -- this is a process I have intermittently undergone in the loss of geographic and social permanence in relocating during a phase of the pandemic in which I could not connect with my loved ones--chosen family being such an integral part of my experience as a queer person--as well as the loss of self as I continue to navigate post-covid syndrome for the past eighteen months of my life and the loss of permanence with regard to my health, my own body and my own agency."

About the Artist

"Max Wolf has been acknowledged, exhibited, and published internationally in presentations, publications, international group, and domestic solo exhibitions through collections of jarring postminimalist photographic imagery."

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Phone Number: 9033992502

Instagram: @maxw_lf