Deflation of flesh, install photo - Bea Hurd.jpeg

Deflation of Flesh

Bea Hurd
2020, Balloons and red thread, 5x3, 5Kg, Physical and Online Exhibit

"Deflation of Flesh was a long term projected started during the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. Feeling as though time was copious but inspiration and energy lacked, I experimented with finding a durational project that would enable me to keep busy during endless days at home with family. I found that the concept of sewing together balloons, paralleled the mental struggles presented by covid. Spending my senior year of college in exclusively online platforms, I was given a lingering deflation of my stability and community. Sewing the balloons became a cathartic ritual of puncturing and bringing back together. Though the balloons had been made non-functional in a conventional sense, they still found way into becoming a rather lovely garment. Deflation of Flesh was hand sewn over the course of six months. Alone in a room, I used a single spool of red thread to meticulously craft the skin like garment, that now reads like a tapestry to me of my experience with isolation."

About the Artist

"Bea Hurd is a Salt Lake City based artist who predominantly works in soft sculpture made from found and unconventional materials."

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Phone Number: 18018347692

Instagram: @beayond_art