Garima Bajpai is Ottawa Based Artist, her work is mostly in acrylic medium. She believes that succeeding in future means bringing all of us forward through collective action. Art provides optimism and brings joy and hope for communities. It also unites us through expressing our perspectives and society not only become more accepting but also progressive.


She gets her inspiration from nature and how it is stronger with diversity. She enjoys to paint in bold colours and her work is reflects our co-existence of diverse thoughts, beliefs and positive outlook. She often expresses her perspective on difficult issues like climate change through her work.  She is working on evolving her work for the greater good. Art is a strong medium to create awareness, for people to come together for a cause. She has displayed her work in Ottawa through exhibitions over the past years and continue to explore more opportunities to connect.

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Color of True North


2022, Acrylic, 24" x 36", 1 pound, Online Exhibit

The Yellow House - GariChitraa.jpeg

The Yellow House 


2021, Acrylic, 20" x 24", 1 pound, Online Exhibit

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Phone Number: 343 996 8610

Instagram: @garichitraa