Róisín Nolan

Critical of gender inequality, wealth disparity, the lack of intersectional representation in prolific spaces, conservative politics and the influence of the Catholic Church, are themes undulating throughout her practice.


Specializing in collage on paper, a satirical Dadaist influence is evidenced throughout her work. Detached from digital with a sole focus on analog, Róisín sources physical imagery to visually narrate stories through an intersectional feminist lens. Through an active approach, Róisín has to seek out specific imagery for her work. This involves trips to second-hand book stores, charity shops, thrift stores, you name it. As part of her practice, she uses time searching for specific imagery to research the symbolism and meaning of the accompanying imagery.

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Submissions For Under Hell Are Under Review: Flaming Hot Trash

Róisín Nolan

2021, Collage on Paper, 40x60cm, Online Exhibit

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Email: Roisinnolancreative@gmail.com

Phone Number: +353863446775

Instagram: @rooshmulan

Website: www.roisinnolan.com