Jen Kroeger

I want my art to be somewhere you can go to lose yourself in a moment or a memory in your own way. I want you to be drawn in by quirky details or different textures. I invite you to feel the colors and let them tell you their story through your eyes.


I am inspired by the everyday. My surroundings continue to excite me, so there is usually a lot of beach life, tropical colors and sunshine involved. My art is about elevating a single experience and enjoying every facet to the fullest. My creative process starts with a spark of creativity based on a piece of material, an object or a memory. I bring my artworks to life with thoughtful consideration, time, love and layering.


I have a deep appreciation for nature and our waterways. Having a fashion design background, I am well aware of the impact that fast fashion has had on our environment, so I often use recycled textiles or natural fibers in my work.


My process is very tactile and the results can be unpredictable. In developing my process, I have learned that imperfections are okay and embracing imperfection is quite beautiful. Using my hands to explore the fibers and the textiles, I take time to be present with myself and the work as a meditation. I love the concept of making an entirely new textile by combining raw fibers together or deconstructing the old, leaving the rawness, to make something new, beautiful, expressionistic and emotional.


My art is a reminder to stop, breathe, then take the time to open your eyes and truly appreciate your environment, whether it be the landscape in front of you, a flock of birds in the yard, a random flower growing on a path, the differences in the people around you... enjoy.

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Artist Bio

Jen Kroeger is an artist inspired by her experiences and her coastal surroundings. She is fascinated by nature, color and texture—boldly mixing textiles, raw fibers, dyes and recycled materials to create one of a kind art pieces that reflect her passions.

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From Disco to Disco

Jen Kroeger

2021, Merino wool, Angelina crystal fiber, Silk sari waste, 24.5" x 24.5" framed, 6 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

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Phone Number: 941-363-1724

Instagram: @roguewavesrq