Rev. Dr. Angela Yarger

As the American Embassy was bombed in 1999, I was hunkered in a Russian Orthodox Church gazing at the brooding faces of whitewashed saints, hands raised in endlessly frightening benediction. Where are all the women? I wondered. At Saint Catherine’s monastery on the Sanai Peninsula, which houses the oldest collection of Christian icons in the world, I scanned the scene to find only two women crammed among the icons. At the Temple of One Thousand Buddhas in Thailand, not one woman was portrayed. And I continued to ask: Where are all the women?
Thus began a lifelong project: Holy Women Icons. Subverted. Feminized. Queered. Folked. Resisted. And, I hope, revolutionary. Confronted with a virtually all-male sainthood in every major wisdom tradition, I began giving traditional iconography a folk-feminist twist in 2008. Over time, my question shifted from, “where are all the women,” to “where are all the queer women?” In this way, I see my art as a visual corrective that imagines what it would be like for iconography to be accessible to everyone via a folk and assemblage style, and for the subversive sisterhood of saints to be depicted in place of straight, white men. 
After over a decade of painting in a folk style, I began to add assemblage to my iconography. Collaging goddess paintings alongside live plants and natural elements, I honor Mother Earth as a saint, as well. After collaging the live plants with goddess paintings, I photograph the project and then complete the artwork digitally. The finished product is an invitation to viewers to consider who is deemed holy.

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Goddess of Radical Imagination

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber
2020, Assemblage, 16" x 20", Physical and Online Exhibit

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber is the artist, author, and Executive Director of the Tehom Center, a non-profit teaching about revolutionary women through art, writing, retreats, and academic courses. With a PhD in Art and Religion and over a decade as a Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, her art grapples with the intersections among gender, religion, and sexuality. She has painted over 125 folk-feminist icons of revolutionary women from history and myth, with over 100 sold in galleries, homes, schools, and faith communities around the world. Also an award-winning author, four of her eight books have been listed in the Top LGBTQ Religion Books by QSpirit. Her exhibition of assemblage art, Queering the Dream, is currently at Lancaster Priory in Lancaster England. Dr. Yarber's work has been featured in Forbes, Ms. Magazine, NPR's Progressive Spirit, Maya Angelou's Memorial Celebration, and the television show Tiny House Nation. For more, please visit

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Goddess of Radical Love

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber2020, Assemblage, 16" x 20", Physical and Online Exhibit
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Pride Goddess

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber
2020, Assemblage, 16" x 20", Physical and Online Exhibit

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