Conor Collins

I am not very good with words. I tend to say too much, or too little, or get my words mixed up so I said what I didn't mean to say, or failed to say what I meant. It was only later as an adult I discovered I had dyspraxia an dyslexia. I think that is why I try to let me artworks talk for me. 

I remember I wanted to make change against the discriminatory laws surrounding blood donation. If i wanted to make change, I would need to write to MPs, Papers, kick up a fuss, and even then I would likely only get responses saying ‘thank you for writing’ or simply no response at all. But instead I could create art that would make people talk about it for me. I created a portrait of Alan Turing made using the blood of Gay and Bisexual men banned from donating under UK Law. The painting went viral, people were talking, and shouting about it again. A year later, the vote reopened and the law was changed. 

I paint to change society, and to reflect society. Our anger, our shame, things we must change, things we must protect. I paint because it can make a difference.

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Conor Collins is a Manchester based artist who uses unconventional materials and techniques in his art in order to express meaning and messages in his work. Conor’s work has appeared in publications such as TIME Magazine and been shortlisted for the Celeste Art Prize and winning the START Art Prize which saw him exhibiting at BOZAR (Brussels). Collectors of Conor’s work include Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen and Giorgio Armani. 

Conor has in the past used materials such as HIV Positive Blood, Diamond Dust, Written Words and more in order to convey a strong social or political message. His work challenges the ideas of aesthetic beauty and political rhetoric. As such his work has exhibited both in Galleries and The Speakers House of the House of Commons (UK).

Conor continues to challenge both himself and the boundaries of what art should/should not do. He hopes in time to create a platform where the voices of creatives are as influential for social change as the politicians making changes into law.

Artist Statement

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Losing All Control

Conor Collins

2022, Acyrlic Paint and Ink on canvas, 3' x 3', Online Exhibit

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