Sue Johnson

Of her work Sue says, “Wherever I am, images grab my attention.  I move in and out of relationship with images that delight or intrigue me, painting and drawing whatever attracts me in the moment. I work in a variety of media, shifting between  representational images and the abstract work.  This keeps me on my artistic toes, challenged and involved.   In my paintings, I use bright, joyful colors, textures and patterns that lead viewers to feel like they are moving through the image.  A viewer once told me she wanted to lie down in the painting. I considered that high praise. I believe all artistic creation is an exploration into the unknown, a jump into the realm of the mysterious.  It’s a compelling journey, often frustrating but never boring and, in the end, fantastically rewarding.

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Artist Bio

Sue Johnson is a painter residing in St Petersburg, Florida.  She works in several media, acrylics, oils, and cold wax medium  Her subject matter includes the figure, still life, landscape, and, abstract/non-objective work. 

Sue grew up in West Virginia where, in the first grade, she told her teacher she could not draw. “Of course you can,” the teacher said.  Trusting her teacher spoke truth; Sue began drawing and hasn’t stopped since.  Over the years she worked and played with art in many settings: as the teacher of special needs children, as the mother of young children, as a Hospice volunteer.

While raising her family, Sue studied art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  She went on to earn an MA in Art Therapy at Vermont College, Montpelier, VT.  After a  25  year  practice as an Art Therapist, she moved to Florida where, in retirement, she is a full time artist. 
Her other interests include instructing Tai Chi, travel, and reading several books each month. 

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Overwhelmed, by and with

Sue Johnson

2021, Mixed Media, 20" x 40", 5 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit


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Phone Number: 3868522021

Facebook: suejohnsonart