Brittany Freemon

Hello, my name is Brittany Freemon I  also go by the name of “NovaFro” I'm a 28, Graphic Artist, and a Florida native. I'm extremely passionate about Illustrations, Animations, and Motion Graphics. I enjoy working on projects that need to tell a story from a visual perspective. I strive to sketch out a creative blueprint in the art world by designing and creating unique content for my clientele as well as for my projects through a variety of mediums. My dream is to one day host a pop-up gallery showcasing my creations as well as others to the world. In the meantime, my focus is to continue to discover new creative experiences, by overcoming any obstacle life may throw and meeting other passionate artists to help fuel my inspiration.

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The Cyborg Griot_gree-ow__Quest2068

Brittany Freemon
2020, 3D Mixed Media, 12" x 12", 10 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit
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With Struggle Comes Strength

Brittany Freemon
2021, 3D Mixed Media, 18" x 24", 2.5 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

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Phone Number: 727-278-2842

Instagram: @novafro_prods