Estelle L. Roberge

Estelle L. Roberge was born in Biddeford, Maine, the sixth of nine children,  and grew up in a Franco-American Irish-Canadian household, surrounded by industrial factories and triple-decker tenement buildings. She graduated from nearby Portland School of Art and the University of Southern Maine in the 1980s and later traveled west in search of employment, finally making a home in Magdalena, New Mexico where she taught art. Recently, she has returned to an early interest in the human figure. In this body of work, she traverses and wanders between figuration and the imaginary as she goes deeper into fields, shapes, textures, patterns, and layers of color.

EstelleRoberge.4.CovidBook.Unbound.5.50x8.25_DSC0025 (1) - Estelle Roberge.jpg
Estelle.Roberge.Series.Book of Covid.7.2021 - Estelle Roberge.jpg

The Book of Covid:Unbound

Estelle L. Roberge
2020-2021, Collage and Mixed Media, 1. 5.75" x 8.25", 5-7lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

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