Max Wolf

I seek to create an artistic nomenclature with which one will find their sense of self (and non-self) spoken for; self-identity is a powerful and affirming tool to keep in our utility—however, I find it to be, in great misfortune, nearly impossible to extricate from the binding powers of human social perception and the ways in which they shape our material conditions and life experiences, which inevitably ricochet in a further molding of identity. I seek to demystify the interactions of these converging forces in my works and utilize abstracted imagery that speaks to the searing human emotional imbalances that these forces breed into our collective spirit.

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Max Wolf has been acknowledged, exhibited, and published internationally in presentations, publications, international group and domestic solo exhibitions through collections of jarring postminimalist photographic imagery. Credited by the editorial teams at platforms such as Vogue Italia and VSCO for their visual storytelling and portraiture, Wolf is now being exhibited as a photographic artist focusing on themes of identity, human perception as it molds identity, and the impermanence and commodification of self. Hominid Detachment, a project tackling the scourge of isolation, has been awarded several times and made its European exhibit debut in Athens at the close of 2021. Max Wolf was inducted into the digital portfolio of Milan-based Iconic Artist in 2020 and 2021, demonstrating the imminence of their impact on the main stage of thought-provoking, contemporary photography.

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Max Wolf
2022, Photography, 12" x 18," 3 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

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