Kiersty Long

I respond to everything from the smell of paint to the feel of canvas under my brush. I paint not only because I love to express myself aesthetically, but also because I feel incomplete without creating works of art. Making art has been one of the most rewarding and therapeutic constants in my life, and I share this excitement with my students every day.


I am still growing as an artist and enjoy challenging myself daily. Making art has created a peace in my world that cannot be replaced with any other task. Art making makes me feel whole yet hungry, pained yet healed. It is what I look forward to each and every morning and struggle not to think about when I lay down to bed at night. I am an artist and I plan to create art the rest of my life.


My artwork is strong because it is evocative and raises questions about the society, we live in. I am fascinated with the artists that have come before me, and their artwork greatly influences my artwork. I can see myself in Frida Kahlo’s “The Broken Column”; her spinal pain was my pain, and her loss was my loss. I became Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”- with such determination and strength emanating from her eyes. I empathized with Kathë Kollwitz’s etching, “Woman with Dead Child”; her haunting image captures raw emotion and grief.


Robert Rauschenburg said, “Colors and materials are the characters, and the piece unfolds according to its own appetite; what is already there dictates what goes next.” Rauschenburg has very much influenced my work, and I also find it essential that my paintings have a feeling of ambiguity and uncertainty. Trusting my instincts and the materials helps me to keep spontaneity in my work.

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Artist Bio

I am a working artist who collaborates with clients by creating original works of art including canvas paintings, yard art and murals. 


Moon over Gulfport - Kiersten Long.jpeg

Moon Over Gulfport

Kiersty Long
2021, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas,  30" x 24", Physical and Online Exhibit

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