Bea Hurd

Items that are connotated with garbage contain reflections of society. My work takes these objects and through ritual, transforms them into sacred elements. I find myself using art as therapy; obtaining items holding uncomfortable memories and gaining ownership through the processes we go through together. 
I cycle in and out of “material romances”; seeking materials to form relationships with and allowing them to persuade me. I look to materials that have found their way into my home and past conscious acknowledgment.  Products of daily use; those that are used, consumed, and disposed of read like newspapers about who brings such materials into and out of existence so quickly. These expeditions come across as both baptisms and anthropological revelations. 
Like the tango, a push and pull between my needs and that of the material is established. Products that touch, help, and integrate with our bodies create intimate acts yielding the potential to shape how we think. Ultimately, I gravitate towards materials that go into, are used in relation to, or in replacement of the body. 
It is integral I exist within the consumption of my work. The processes I impose onto myself are of equal importance as the product. I do not sketch visions of results. Instead, through laborious, redundant, and often humorous tasks, I invite the material to direct me. My work embraces history- of materials, processes, and physical changes that occur during the life of the piece. 
In a society obsessed with consumption, taking moments of production with what is normally so readily disposed of, brings me back into a conscious awareness of my interactions with the material world. I aim to view all materials as being a teacher. Once I feel that I have received what the material wishes to tell, I move to the next romance.

Bea Hurd is a Salt Lake City based artist who predominantly works in soft sculpture made from found and unconventional materials. They received a BFA in sculpture from the University of Utah. Bea’s practice centers on the interconnections of sexuality, gender, and consumerism. Their work is materially based and derives its meaning from the items and materials chosen to be worked with. They take inspiration from materials of everyday life that tend to be discarded or seen as less than.

They have shown work at Finch Lane Gallery, Nox Contemporary, The Springville Museum of Fine art, and the Bountiful Davis art center.

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Deflation of flesh, install photo - Bea Hurd.jpeg

Deflation of Flesh

Bea Hurd
2020, Balloons and red thread, 5x3, 5Kg, Physical and Online Exhibit

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