Amy Howell

The pandemic has made all of us think about the air and spaces we share as human beings. I have embraced this time to explore not only my relationship to humanity, but also relationship to myself. I have been influenced by the abstract expressionists energy in confronting the post-war unrest during their times. This energy has inspired me to create with my own unrest during the uncertainty of our current times- the pandemic, racial injustice, the great pollical divide, and impending climate change.  Viewing art slows us down as does participating in anything that brings us enjoyment. I want my audience to have a personal experience when viewing my work the way music evokes one’s innermost feelings. Everyone's experience will be slightly different.

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Artist Bio

Amy graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA in Graphic Design. It was during her first painting class where she discovered the freedom to create art with spontaneity, excitement, and passion. This passion carried over into black and white photography, where she found magic in developing images in the darkroom. Amy has continued with painting and photography over the years, which evolved into mixed media when she began combining these two mediums.
Amy works intuitively, allowing the piece to transform, like an evolving puzzle. She wants the viewer to have a personal experience with her art, like what music evokes. Amy has played flute in various groups throughout the years and especially enjoys improvising. 
After college, Amy’s career veered into becoming a career chef/pastry chef, travel agent, personal trainer, and community healthcare. Currently she is working at Imagine Museum. A personal goal of Amy’s is to develop fun art-making sessions geared  towards people facing mental health challenges. Amy will continue to develop and exhibit her artwork and share the great joy it brings her.


Art Festival Beth-el, S Pasadena, FL 
January 2022 

Current Exhibitor at the Brenda McMahon Gallery< Gul[ort FL
Artist of the Month in June 2021

Gulfport Fine Arts Festival- Juried Participant- February 2021 and 2022

Warehouse District Association, St Petersburg FL- Juried shows: “Imagine” 2020-2021
and “About Face” 2021

Woodfield Gallery, St Petersburg FL- Honorable Mention Award “Come Out St Pete” 
Juried show August 2020

AMP Gallery, Provincetown, MA Group Shows in 2017 and 2018 

Provincetown Arts Association Museum, Provincetown MA
Selected in Juried Shows 2017, 2018

Rise Up - Amy Howell.jpeg

Rise Up

Amy Howell

2020, Acrylic Paint, 16" x 20", 3 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

Community of Colors.jpeg

Colors of Community

Amy Howell

2022, Mirror Mylar, 36" x 24", 3 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

The Beacon Dream - Amy Howell.jpeg

Beacon Dream

Amy Howell

2021, Plastic Theater Gels, 24" x 30", 3 lbs, Physical and Online Exhibit

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