Eva Pietras

Eva Pietras Master of Arts (diploma 2018). Born and works in Poland.  Deals with various things due to the eternal hunger for experience, including: drawing, painting, murals, theater set design (Krakow), clothing construction, carpentry and artistic work, gilding, framing (Warsaw). Passionate and author of erotic art. Living from making people's lives more pleasant by selling works to decorate their houses and letting them some Tsarist Russian gilding. Recently decided that it is high time to expose oneself outside the private spaces of households. Proud lesbian and outed feminist. Working with erotic and biographical themes. My works, as well as their subject, eroticism and sex, are woven from a collage of impressions, dreams, memories, feelings and desires placed under the skin. Created on the wave of emotions, without a conceptual assumption, or even with the assumption of its absence. The experience of another person's sexuality is an event beyond all material categories and brings us closer to the sphere of the sacred, the sphere of feelings.You can see more of my work on the instagram: pietras_eva_

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marysaveus - Ewa Pietras.jpeg

Mary Save Us

Eva Pietras

2020, Drawing/Ink on Paper, 11.7" x 16.5", 2.5 lbs, Online Exhibit

patrioticbed - Ewa Pietras.jpeg

Patriotic Bed

Eva Pietras

2021, Drawing/Ink on Paper, 11.7" x 16.5", 2.5 lbs, Online Exhibit


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Phone Number: +48506588263

Instagram: @pietras_eva_