Daniela Lucato

2021, Video, Online Exhibit

"Smoke is a reflection during COVID about our concept of space. How do we feel it when we are forced to use space in a different way? How are our feelings changing, the way we also perceive time in the same space?


I titled this work Smoke because it is the image that comes to my mind when I think about this moment: symbolically it represents the unclear way we look now at the world, it is a temporary vi- sion but it changes the way we perceive everything. Which kind of projections do we have about us in relation to our environment: are our longings changing? Or are we the same people with different consciousness? Who are we in this new constellation?"

About the Artist

"Daniela Lucato started playing theatre in Padua (Italy) parallel to her studies at the university. After her degree in Philosophy, she moved to Rome, Wellington and finally Berlin where she works as an actress/filmmaker."


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