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Losing All Control

Conor Collins

2022, Acyrlic Paint and Ink on canvas, 3' x 3', Online Exhibit

"I created this piece whilst suffering from real creative block. I am an artist who is inspired by the news and world around me. But being for the last few years the news has just been Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Trump, Trump, Trump and now…covid, covid, covid. All horrible. All uninspiring. I feel like I cannot create anything. 

This piece is inspired by my frustration, rage, helplessness. Both creatively, but also in life. Unable to go outside. Unable to hug friends. A government breaking its own rules and having no punishment and working people being fined severely for the same.

I haven’t screamed yet during this pandemic. But its been inside me. This painting is my way of venting out these emotions."

About the Artist

"Conor Collins is a Manchester based artist who uses unconventional materials and techniques in his art in order to express meaning and messages in his work."

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Phone Number: +447981923719

Instagram: @conartworks