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Mary Save Us

Eva Pietras

2020, Drawing/Ink on Paper, 11.7" x 16.5", 2.5 lbs, Online Exhibit

"On October 22, 2020, a constitutional court ruling on the total prohibition of abortion was issued in Poland, also in cases where the fetus has no chance of survival outside the mother's body and in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape.
As a result of this actions, women of different faiths, political beliefs, and sexual orientations went on the streets together to defend their rights.
At that time, high restrictions were in force in Poland in connection with the covid19 pandemic. The pandemic situation was used to brutally suppress street demonstrations by the state authorities (as violating the ban on gatherings at that time)."

patrioticbed - Ewa Pietras.jpeg

Patriotic Bed

Eva Pietras

2021, Drawing/Ink on Paper, 11.7" x 16.5", 2.5 lbs, Online Exhibit

"Lesbian invisibility in Poland is very common. They stand in opposition to the dominant example of femininity in the country, which it is based on the "Mother of Poland" construct related to the myth of the Christian figure of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Lesbians do not arrange their own gender and personality according to the binary male-female opposition, so they escape this pattern. This makes them difficult to perceive for the maisteam version of femininity in the country. As lesbians, we are losing the opportunity for social visibility in Poland. That's why i used national flag as a sheets.

During the covid19 pandemic, service points (clubs), which are the only spaces in the country where lgbtq communities are formed, were not operating. Polish lesbians had to rely on Tinder or stay in the closet."

About the Artist

"Eva Pietras Master of Arts (diploma 2018). Born and works in Poland.  Deals with various things due to the eternal hunger for experience, including: drawing, painting, murals, theater set design (Krakow), clothing construction, carpentry and artistic work, gilding, framing (Warsaw)."

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